District Council 16 STAR

The STAR Program

Dedicated to making DC16 Craftworkers and contractors the most sought after in the region, through our commitment to High Performance / High Value

History of the STAR Program

In September, 2008, Union leadership in District Council 16 began working with the associations of various DC16 signatory craft’s employers to find a way to provide ongoing training and recognition for the dedicated craftsworkers who make up our finishing trades workforce. Our solution is the STAR Program. Designed entirely for you, and funded by your Union, the DC16 STAR program works together with the District Council 16 Journeyworkers and Apprentice Training Program to offer you free
training in four key areas: Trade Skills, Safety, Supervisory, and Survival Skills. STAR training offers the certifications, training, tools and recognition you need to achieve your dreams as a highly skilled finishing trades craftsworker in today’s competitive environment. We’re committed to working with you to make High Performance / High Value a defining part of who we are in DC 16.

Your Program

This is your program! The STAR Program was designed entirely for you—to help you build the skills you need to succeed. And it’s offered to you at no charge—all costs for training and recognition are covered by the STAR Program . With STAR Training, you can build your skills and be recognized and rewarded for your achievement. Training is provided by the nationally recognized District Council 16 Journeyman and Apprentice Training Trust Fund.
We’re doing this to make us all more successful. Building top-notch skills helps you get ahead. It also makes the contractors who hire DC 16 crafts workers more competitive. That means more work for them, and for you. With DC 16 workers and employers in high demand, the better and more secure your future becomes. It all starts with our shared commitment to being a High Performance / High Value team.

How to get Started

“Get started! The first step for everyone is “SCT – Introduction to DC16” training. This training is required for all because in it you will learn the bigger picture of High Performance / High Value. Class Schedules are available online and Brochures are also available at your Local Union. Classes fill up quickly so register early!
NOTE: You must sign in and out of class to receive credit, this is proof of your participation. No signature = No Credit. No exceptions.

STAR Players

Recognizing High Performance — High Value


Royal Glass Company



Royal Glass Company

Trade, Safety, Supervisory, and Survival Skills

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Get Started Now

Start building a better future with STAR Training now. It’s easy to find classes that teach the skills you need. It’s your program — use it!