District Council 16 STAR

Safety, Training, Awards, Recognition

Learn new skills, work safer, and grow as a leader. DC16 STAR offers the certifications, training and tools you need to achieve your goals.

Trade, Safety, Supervisory, and Survival Skills

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Safety, Training, Awards, Recognition

Safety First

In-depth equipment training and job site knowledge help ensure you avoid injuries that can get in the way of your success.

Build Skills

Advanced training in finishing trades techniques and supervisory skills means you get resourced for more hours.

Earn Rewards

When you put in the effort, you earn the chance to win some pretty awesome awards.

Get Recognized

Each class you take not only builds your skill, STAR program participation also helps you build your reputation in the industry and certifications help prove your worth.

About the STAR Program

Journeyworkers, We're dedicated to Your Success

The STAR training program was created for you — as a benefit of membership in DC16. With STAR training, you’ll learn how to use all types of equipment, with all the best practices and techniques so you can do the job safely.

STAR Supports Contractors

The team with the best people wins. As a signatory shop, you can send your journeyworkers and field managers to get STAR training in safety, the latest trade skills and techniques, and on-the-job leadership

STAR Players

Journeyworkers, just like you, achieving their dreams and getting the recognition they deserve.


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Royal Glass Company

Get Started Now

Start building a better future with STAR Training now. It’s easy to find classes that teach the skills you need. It’s your program — use it!